9 Months - 2017 Reading Goals

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  • 90 of 100 books Goodreads Challenge
  • 14 books for Litsy A to Z
  • 12 tasks for Read Harder
  • 9 books for Diversity Bingo

So I'm definitely on track for my Goodreads Challenge, as usual, but I'm behind on everything else. One of the things I particularly like about doing challenges such as Diversity Bingo is that I end up reading a lot of diverse books that don't even fit in the challenge because I'm on the look out. But, this does mean I get quite behind on the challenge.

My aim for the next three months is to try and read books that actually fit the challenges. I have a bit of a read harder pile amongst my TBR collection, so I am going to try and focus on those. I'm also going to try NaNo, once again, so I know that will eat into reading time somewhat in November, but hopefully also will take up my book shopping time.


I felt like I was doing quite well at not buying more books until I put together my haul pictures. Some were freebies, but most of them I chose to get in spite of myself. Why do good books keep coming out!?!
Hopefully next wrap up will see some improvement.


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