December Wrap Up

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I may have mentioned this before but I really really hate the heat. This month I've spent a lot of time lying on the couch and sweating (lovely imagery, you're welcome). Fortunately I've also been working four days a week which means air conditioning! But also a really interesting and fun experience. I'm enjoying both internships, they're in different areas so it's broadened my learning experience quite a bit. Plus I actually get to read books as work :)

The suffocating heat meant I didn't really spend a lot of my spare time doing things I'd planned (reading and writing). I also had the joyous experience of smashing my phone and the rigmarole of replacing it. Luckily my brand new case fits my new phone too.

Overall it's been a pretty good month but I'm ready for 2016 to be done.

Green graphic with a cartoon cup of tea. Text reads 'This Month I ...'


Island of Glass - Nora Roberts
Red Rosa - Kate Evans
Talking To My Country - Stan Grant
Princess Jellyfish vol 1 - Akiko Higashimura
The Woods vol 1: The Arrow - James Tynion
Fun Science - Charlie McDonnell


Finished Season Two of Daredevil
24 Days of Zoella - so festive!
I'm so obsessed with one of my favourite youtubers, Meghan Tonjes' series People Keep Talking


every Christmas playlist Spotify has to offer


Powerhouse Museum
Christmas Carols