Favourite Board Books: 0-3 months

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I’m not sure when I’ll get the brain power back for full reviews, but I thought I’d do some posts sharing some of our favourite baby books from the past year.

First up, books for the first three months (also known as the fourth trimester). Obviously, at this age, your baby isn’t going to engage that much with the content - although there’s no reason not to start reading whatever you want to them straight away - but good options for books in the first months are ones that can be used during tummy time.

You can use any picture book for tummy time, though high-contrast simple pictures are best. Just prop the book up the right distance from their face and let them stare at the page.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Mesmerised by Katey Love

This is a popular one designed specifically for the first 6 months. Each page is high contrast, black and white image with simple details, such as a smiley face or a fish.

Young Art Series published by Magabala Books

Hands down favourite at our place, which I recommend to everyone having a baby. Our favourite is At The Beach. There are clear contrasting pictures to look at (and gorgeous colours once they develop the ability to see them). I also love that they’re still a good read as they continue to grow.

Welcome Child by Sally Morgan

This one is a sweet one to read, about welcoming your baby by Sally Morgan. Some of the illustrations are probably a little too detailed for very small babies but they’re beautiful, and if you're feeling a little overly emotional it'll probably make some happy tears.

Moomin Tummy Time Words

I mostly like this one because I love the Moomins, but it’s also a pretty colour scheme and we enjoyed the concertina option as she began moving her head around more.