June Wrap Up

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June is one of my favourite months. Things cool down, uni slows down and I can usually take the time to curl up with a blanket, a book and a cup of tea. June is also my birthday month, when I justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on books because it was birthday money.

This year the weather hasn't really been that cold. Though there have been some serious storms, most days keep the freezing temperatures to early morning and late evening. I don't like the uncertainty. I want to know what to wear. I hate being too hot.
It's been a hectic month. I finished up my last assessments for the semester near the end of June, a situation that was more stressful that it should have been thanks to admin- type circumstances. I have been working as an intern (publicity assistant) for Writer's Edit, which I am really enjoying. It's an online magazine I really like, and I'm very happy to be working with them. It's a lovely team of people and they care a lot about Australian writing.

In the middle of the month I turned twenty-six. It feels weird. I'm at the end of my mid-twenties, and have only really just starting figuring out what I want to do with my life. I never really got around to realising I wasn't in my early twenties anymore so it's been a bit of a shock. I have a love/hate relationship with my birthday. I enjoy the books, and doing small things to enjoy myself. I don't like the pressure of all the birthday wishes or having to interact with too many people. Jonno and I went out for breakfast, at a beautiful little cafe called The Pig and Pastry. It was cold, but a nice way to start the day before he went off to work. I spent the rest of the day going on a bookshop crawl. This also involved pastries. After a full day of bookshopping, lunch with my best-friend and too many pastries, Jonno and I went for dinner and then had a look around the Vivid installations at Martin Place. It was a good birthday.


Assignment writing aside, the rest of the month was full of fun. I was also lucky enough to get to attend Supanova Sydney, a hugely enjoyable experience. I also made a trip to Canberra to visit part of my family, and got to watch my little sister in her school musical based on the Snow Queen. I really like spending time with my sisters. Back in Sydney, with one sister and I went to a tea blending workshop run by Literary Tea Co which was amazing. I was totally inspired to start blending my own teas. I had so much fun, and Lauren was really nice, and told us all sorts of interesting things about the history of tea. Finally, June ending with me getting a horrible head cold and Jonno and I celebrating our anniversary. We went to the Rabbit Hole for lunch and bought some cute anniversary mugs.

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