So Many Books, So Little Time

on Reading Challenge
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Like most self-respecting bookworms, my childhood dream was to have a Beauty and the Beast inspired library and I started stocking up young. In primary school, I had the usual Scholastic Book Club obsession but was limited by pocket money amounts and parental supervision.
I still remember what would now be considered my first book haul. I was about fourteen, visiting my step-mum's family in Illinois and my sister and I discovered how cheap books were in the US compared to Australia. My dad had to buy us an extra suitcase to take them all home.
beauty and the beast

Even though my days of teenage disposable income have passed books are probably the thing I buy the most. Maybe I buy more coffee, but possibly not. I try to be sensible about it, but I still seem to constantly accumulate new books.

A week or so ago I rearranged some of my books so that all my TBR books were in one place. The below photo is the result. There are a lot of books.
Just in case you're unaware, TBR stands for To Be Read. That large and ever growing pile of books you just can't get through.

I want to read the books in my TBR and so I've put them all in one corner of the bedroom to remind me to read them and to remind me not to buy more books.

I've decided to devote the second half of the year to get through my TBR. To help me do that I've made myself a simple reading challenge.


  • Pick four TBR books a month and read them
  • Try to use the library if I don't own a book I have to read
  • If I get a new book (which, let's face will happen) I have to read it not put it on the pile

If you have any tips for getting through your TBR or have restraint in a bookshop, please let me know!