2016 Reading Goals Wrap Up

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You can see my original post on these goals here.
In 2016 I read 111 books, which means I achieved my goal for the Goodreads challenge of reading 100 books.

do at least 2 read-a-thons

In July did the 24in48 read-a-thon and BookTube-a-thon.

I also was part of The Feminist Orchestra Bookclub for which I read:
A Room of One's Own
I Call Myself a Feminist

Read at least 50% women and 50% people of colour

I read well over 50% female authors, with only 20% of my reads being male authors. I didn't do as well with people of colour. Partly, I think, because of the bias within the publishing industry. It's a lot easier to find female authors, although they face different barriers. Also, people don't always identify their ethnicity and I didn't want to make assumptions based on photos so I just went with when I clearly knew. Clearly, there is still work for me to do though. I managed to increase this year, and I made a concerted effort with my buy majority Australian goal that it wasn't only white Australians, so my TBR is looking a lot better.

Read Harder for Book Riot and Panels

Historical Fiction set before 1900s - Brothers Sinister series
Book under 100 pages - A Room of One's Own
A collection of essays - Small Acts of Disappearance
A non-fiction book about feminism - I Call Myself a Feminist
Comic with teenage protagonist - Ms Marvel
Gender-swapped superhero comic - A-Force Presents
Comic based on a book, and the book - Pride and Prejudice (Marvel Classics), and Pride and Prejudice
A collected webcomic - Hark! A Vagrant
A middle-grade novel - Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes
A book that is by an author from South-East Asia and a food memoir - Love, Loss and What We Ate
A book that was adapted into a film, then watch the film - Lady Susan
A complete run of a comic - Young Avengers
A comic set in space - Saga Vol 4
A self-published comic and superhero comic not by the Big Two - A Brigand's Tale #1
A book originally published in the decade you were born - A Place Like This
A book about politics - Talking to my Country
A biography, a graphic biography and a comic about a real life historical event - Red Rosa
a book set in the middle east and a comic originally published in another language - Arab of the Future
a feminist comic - Lumberjanes vol 3
a comic with at least one creator of colour and a black-and-white comic - Fabled Kingdom
a horror book and a non-superhero comic that debuted in the last three years - The Woods Vol 1
a non-fiction book about science - Fun Science
a comic set in Asia by an Asian creator - Princess Jellyfish
A book over 500 pages - Empire of Storms

I have not managed:
A dystopian and the first book in a series by a person of colour
An Audioboook that won an Audie
A play
Read a book aloud to someone
A book about religion
A book with a main character that has a mental illness
A book by or about a person who identifies as transgender
Read a comic that has been adapted from a T.V. show or movie (not vice versa).
Read a watercolor comic.

buy majority Australian authors

I managed to buy majority Australian authors as far as new physical books go.