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My name is Gillian (pronounced like with a J). I'm currently a Masters student, studying publishing. As an undergrad I majored in English and Journalism/Media Studies, and did Honours in English. Wrote a thesis on Rapunzel and everything. Reading and writing are obviously things I like to do. This is a blog about that.

I've had a lot of blogs over the years. Which is what happens when you grow up with the internet and have an interest in writing. Nearly all of them are (I really hope) no longer around online but my most recent attempt was for a few years on blogger and I'll probably repost some things on here. My main reason for creating this new blog is that my husband offered to build me one because he is clever like that. I am also hoping that this will encourage me to be more committed to blogging because it is something I really enjoy but generally fail to stick at consistently. I want to start fresh and try to practice some actual writing discipline.

I want to write because it is something I enjoy. It helps me process and is my best communication method. I want to be able to collect my thoughts into coherent opinions that help me develop my perspective on the world in an intelligent and respectful way.
I want to write about books I read, films I watch and television shows I marathon. I want to write about the amazing bookshops I am discovering in Sydney. I want to write about education and all the things I hope to learn, and maybe even help myself learn them in the process.

I write for the same reason I read: to learn and grow and change and hopefully to understand myself and others better.